Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tour of Switzerland in Wunderland

by Kasper Fischer

Finally The new Swiss section of Hamburg Miniature Wunderland has been Officially opened. I can't wait to get down there and see it for myself. MiWuTv has released this video giving us a very nice tour of the new layout.

Enjoy fellows.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Boeing B-17 Aluminum Scale Model

Rojas Bazan Aluminum Scale Model 100% from Scratch Handmade-Museum quality model. 1/15 scale.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Voice control for Model Railroad


Easy, Fun, and Exiting

GamesOnTrack  creates more fun and excitement for kids at all ages playing with  robots, cars, modeltrains, etc.. We make it easy and simple for you to play together, to create new and funny games with friends, and to play moving devices in teams across the world. Our Voice enabled GT-Command and our GT-Position products enables next level gaming.

We love the model world and we want to help your excitement in this world as well. The more we can engage you in the model world, the more you can leverage the power of the PC and the net in a simple way,  the more excitements and surprises we can create together. Our base is your physical device (truck, robot, train, car..) and your participation in the game depends on that.  We let you play both alone and together with friends, in the same room as virtually together in teams. You can grow friendship with people locally as well as across the globe with our games.

Moving model vehicles and robots can do much more than win a race. They can participate in games, they can be part of turnaments, they can do artistic movements, they can collaborate and they can be part in a film.

GamesOnTrack A/S creates software and gaming platforms for you to utilise. Whether you play with your model car, your new Robot or you are a modeltrainer we will help you get more fun - simple and easy.

Your next adventure could be Grand Master in a transportation mission with 3 robot trucks collaborating across the globe or you might enjoy optimising precission of your moving vehicle. Our job is to make the bulding blocks for you.

Please enjoy the first piece of getting model trains to operate more intensively on

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