Monday, January 16, 2012

Historic figures in 54mm scale

by Michael Rieß

I painted these 3 figures within the last weeks, all were white metal figures in 54mm scale (1/32).
The first one shows a Roman infantry officer of the 4th century A.D. The figure is from Soldiers.

The second one depicts a dismounted Byzantine knight of the 13th century. It was my first kit from the korean manufacturer Seil models

The last one shows a Japanese Samurai of the Momoyama period (1574-1602) from the well known manufacturer Pegaso Models.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stug IV Vs T-34. Kirovograd 1943.

By Francis Lee

Academy Stug IV
Tamiya T-34/85
ESCI figures

Happy New Year to everyone!

During Christmas day, I built up this diorama. Without a heater at home, the recent cold weather of 8-10c in Hong Kong. (It is already COLD temp. here.) it brings me the mood to make a winter snow diorama. I try to call back my feeling of snow which was 2009, december. I was in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Start with layers and layers of toilet paper to create the slopes on a base board, I poured a layer of gesso paste (I brought it at art material shop), after it dry out I sprinkled alot of gypsum power and spreaded it smooth by a tiny tea spoon. Finally I place the tanks and figures there.
I try not to sneeze or I will blow my snow away! Please let me know if you have better way to make it! And I am sure you guys have it!

Beside, I this is my first time to use the Tamiya zimmerit coating applicator, my feeling of it is fine, but I guess a pack of handsaw blades may work the same but cheaper than the Tamiya, and this time I try not to use the epoxy putty to make the zimmerit but using a very common office stationary of "Blu tack" or "Bostik ". They are soft enough for me to apply the texture and it gets harden after I painted on it. Although it wont as hard as putty but it is still OK.

Video of this diorama:

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