Sunday, August 8, 2010

Airfix 1/72 A-10 Thunderbolt II REVIEW

by Kasper Fischer

I made this review some time ago but had to re-upload it to my Modellours Workshop channel because I still had the kit and had decided to build it myself. This is a discontinued kit which Airfix has stopped producing and when you look at the kit you know why. With that being said, I also have to tell that I got the kit so cheap i bought tree of them. I'm a BIG A-10 fan. I'm a big fan of all aircrafts with A in the description...

The first model was build very quickly and with out any hesitation, which turned out to bi a big failure. first because the parts in the Airfix kit are way past their golden days and are really having problems fitting together but secondly because I wanted to airbrush plane and it was my first 1/72 model and the first aircraft to airbrush. In fact, it was only my second scale model after 20 years away from the hobby so my control of the airbrush was, and still is, very limited and i completely fucked the paint-scheme up. I made it into a toy for my cousin and gave it to him. It's the model with the British markings, i use in the video.

The second A-10 I gave away to to Lasse at for his third place in my weathering competition. I'm still waiting to see the finished result from him...

The third on I'm building for myself but I will still paint it in a fantasy paint-scheme to practice for the Italeri Apache I'm building next so it's gonna be a one colour Olive Drab paint-scheme with some heavy pre-shades.


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