Thursday, July 1, 2010

My garden project | Märklin Gartenbahn

by Kasper Fischer

I really want to make my model railroad videos stand out from the crowd and since I don't have an awesome layout to display my trains on, I really have to think outside the box. This project was for YouTube, home of personal videos so I was aiming for a much more personal type of video including some real people. Märklin and the whole model railroad industry's having big problems attracting the next generation but I see videos and YouTube as their solution. This is the perfect platform to display our hobby so this was my first attempt to make a different  type of video.

Unfortunately I had just bought a new Sony camera and had to change from Windows Movie Maker to Sony Vegas 10 and the whole project completely drowned in my noobishness and I never really got the video edited.

It was still a very fun day and as you can see in these videos, the kids really enjoyed it so it certainly wasn't wasted time. Enjoy the videos, fellas.

I made a plan in Wintrack and lay down the tracks. Hard work and it took me about 3 hours. The layout was made of a double mainline loop and a single track siding with reversing loops in both ends. The idea was to have three trains running on the mainline and one on the siding.

Here's the short loop:

And the long loop:

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