Friday, September 30, 2011

"Onwards" diorama

by Michael Rieß

The diorama shows a German Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausführung G driving towards a Russian trench. The last defender is unhesitant and is looking for a weapon to stop the tank, maybe there is something in the wooden box right next to him?

I used the Dragon "smart kit" for the Panzer IV G. The whole Panzer IV series from Dragon is amazing! The level of detail is stunning!

I painted the model with Revell acrylic paints. MIG pigments were used for the weathering.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

AK-Interactive Weathering Contest on Facebook

by Kasper Fischer

Tasca PzII 1/24 By Géczy Zoltán

AK Interactive is having their second weathering competition on Facebook. The last contest were won by our own, Dr. Cranky with one of his wonderful rust buckets. I have not been able to find the rules but follow this link to see all the models entered in the race.

Dragon 1/6 scale Jeep Willys by Artur Walachowski

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

IJN Kawanishi George N1K1-JA (early type)

By Francis Lee

Arii / Otaki Scale Model. (1/48 scale)

This is an early version of the Kawanishi Shiden (George) in 1/48 scale from Otaki Scale Model. Since the real aircraft had problems of the engine and their legs so it was replace by the later version of Kawanishi Shidenkai (George) soon, perhaps it is also the same reason of this model is not as popular as the later version as well. The tooling of the model kit is old (early 70's) but comes with nice recess panel lines, it was not common to have kit with all recess panel lines profile in the 70's. The structure and fitting is good, without BIG GAP!

Video of this model:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"The Devil´s General" diorama

by Michael Rieß

I was in the mood to build a diorama again. For this project i used the quite new Opel Admiral mod.1937 kit from ICM, a BMW R12 kit from Zvezda and the German Staff figures from Dragon. All kits are very nice and i can recommend them to everyone. All models and figures are painted with acrylic paints from Revell and Lifecolor.

The diorama shows a German General observing the operations of his troops in Russia, 1941.

Monday, September 19, 2011

MiG-21 RF. Polish Air Force.

By Francis Lee

Fujimi Scale Model (1/72 scale)

This 1/72 Fujimi kit has been in the market for a long while, it has less details (perhaps MiG-21 is too simple) and easy to build. This is my first time to build up a jet fighter, a wide range of decals, camo. that I can select & paint coz many countries used to fly MiG-21. The model kit provides Egyptian, Russian and Polish decals. By mixing lighter and darker silver tones to spray my MiG, I had a fun time to play around with the metalic effect, however the shiny effect won't last long, I better take more photos before the silver tone gets dull.

Video of this model:

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Roman Triarius, Punic Wars era

by Michael Rieß

This figure shows a Roman Triarius of the 3rd and 2nd century B.C. It is a white metal figure from Ares Mythologic (my 2nd one from this manufacturer) and i´m very pleased with this kit. The quality and details are superb and i love the agressive facial expression of the figure.
I painted the figure with acrylic paints from Revell and Lifecolor, some lights and shadows were made with oil paints.
I made the base on my own, using earth and herbage from my garden. The grass is from the manufactuer "Fredericus Rex".

Sunday, September 11, 2011

F-16C "Barak"

by Michael Rieß

This kit from Italeri is just a reboxed Kinetic kit with many additional parts to build a nice model of an Israeli F-16C "Barak" in 1/48 scale.
I really enjoyed the assembly, although some filler was needed on the fuselage. I also destroyed some parts of the model (like the canopy), but i was able to repair them.
All in all i´m satisfied with the result, the silvering decals are a little bit annoying but i think it is still okay.
The details are nice and the kit itself costs about 20€.
I painted the model with Revell Aqua acrylic paints.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Airfix Bf-109F Afrika Korps

By Francis Lee

Airfix 1/48

It is a very old tooling of Airfix of this Bf-109F, the overall shape is
nice however there are big gaps between the main wings and the body,
which needs alot of filling.

I found some pic of airfields of Afrika Korps which ground attacks by the RAF made sandbags revetments a necessity of life in the desert. So I did the same for my diorama.

Video of this diorama

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