Friday, August 6, 2010

Tamiya 1/48 Bristol Beaufighter Mk.VI Nightfighter

by Kasper Fischer

This is one of the first kits i will be building this fall. I've really been looking forward to start this one and it will not be long now. The first build this fall will be the Airfix 1/72 A-10 Thunderbolt II, which i will start today, but i will build the Beaufighter in conjunction with the A-10 and the Apache so i can paint them together.


Here you see a close up of the decals. The registration is topnotch and the silver is really cutting it close to the markings. That's excellent but all the spaces between the letters and the markings is also film and i highly recommend  cutting this away before applying the decals to the model. The silver will be very visual on a black paint scheme. I will, how ever, try to paint my own lettering and possible the markings too, if i dare.


The clear parts are excellent too. Thin and crisp, with no flash of any kind, and the window frames are clearly marked so it will be no problem masking them off before i airbrush the Beaufighter. The top hatch is made separably and leaves the option of having it open, which I will do.

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