Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tamiya 1/35 Staghound Mk.I

by Hamilkar Barkas
The kit was an easy build, everything went together very quickly.

Although the kit comes in a Tamiya box it is the quite new Italeri kit. The quality of the parts is blameless, some photo-etched parts, stowage and figures are also included. I was not satisfied with the appearence and details of the crew figures, so i will search for alternatives, for example resin figures. I painted the model with Revell acrylic paints. The green basecolour is Matt65 bronzegreen. The model is weathered with a dark wash, drybrushing and MIG pigments.

The Tamiya 1/35 Staghound Mk.I (kit #89770) is a reboxing of the old Italeri T17E1 Staghound Armoured Car Mk.I Late Production (kit #6459Tamiya have added an addition sprue from Tamiya's 1994 kit British Universal Carrier Mk.II European Campaign (kit #35175), including 3 figures.

The box includes the large colour reference manual from the Italeri kit. The markings are also the same decal sheet as the original and the only other difference of this Tamiya re-release is the addition of a metal barrel and some photo-etch parts.

Like the Tamiya Mk.66 "Swiss Air Force" (kit#89784), which is also a collaboration between Italeri and Tamiya, this kit is labeled "Limited Edition". Tamiya doesn't indicate what limited means but these kits may not be around for a long time and if you wish one of them for your stash, you better be early.

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