Tuesday, September 27, 2011

IJN Kawanishi George N1K1-JA (early type)

By Francis Lee

Arii / Otaki Scale Model. (1/48 scale)

This is an early version of the Kawanishi Shiden (George) in 1/48 scale from Otaki Scale Model. Since the real aircraft had problems of the engine and their legs so it was replace by the later version of Kawanishi Shidenkai (George) soon, perhaps it is also the same reason of this model is not as popular as the later version as well. The tooling of the model kit is old (early 70's) but comes with nice recess panel lines, it was not common to have kit with all recess panel lines profile in the 70's. The structure and fitting is good, without BIG GAP!

Video of this model:

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