Monday, June 27, 2011

Panzer IV ausf D in Poland 1939

By Francis Lee

Diorama background:
Invasion of Poland, 1939. The German 14th army with two Panzer and one light divisions attacked towards Kraków. The German troops inital objective was to drive from Silesia towards Warsaw (8th and 10th armies), and to destroy the Polish forces around Krakow.

1/35 Panzer IV ausf D----------Tamiya
1/35 Kubelwagen type 82------Tamiya
1/35 German figures------------Tamiya

The Panzer IV was the third most numerous German tank during the invasion of Poland, although the 211 available represented only 7% of the total German tank force (1,445 Panzer Is, 1,223 Panzer IIs and only 98 Panzer IIIs).

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