Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Classic model P-47D Thunderbolt

By Francis Lee

Model: (1/48 scale)
Arii US P-47D Thunderbolt

This is a box of old model which the tooling of the mould dated back to mid 70's. OTAKI was the company which tooling up this model. However the company sold the WWII classic fighter series to Arii just before it closed down in 1986 . Arii repacked the models and launched the whole series a year later, I bought this model in around 1988.

I built this P-47D two years ago.the parts look very clean and clear but very simple structure with less details. It was the first fighter I build since I retired. I like it is simple so I spent most of the time to paint the plane. I enjoy it and I keep making models 6 days a week nowadays!

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