Friday, July 8, 2011

A Railroad Project (update)

by Kasper Fischer

The rust was done using Oil paints and odorless petroleum.

This is a project for a YouTube friend and it's my first fully painted model railroad construction. Unfortunately the kit isn't really that well detailed and adding that to the model is to big a task, so I'm leaving the inside as is. It will be painted but I'm not doing any gap filling or detailing. This project is actually all about weathering and graffiti. I want to try airbrushing the graffiti on the walls but I struggle to get my airbrush to function proper. 

The rust on the doors was/is a nightmare. I left them in direct sunlight in the window for over a week and the oil-paint hasn't dried completely yet. This has prevented me from working on the inside of the doors and I have only done the outside. If I have to wait another week for the second layer to dry too I will properly run AMOK in the streets of Kopenhagen.

Hopefully I will get some work done on this project over the weekend.

I only want 3 regular gables so I had to scratch build one.
I have to blend the 2 colours together but base cote done.
It took over a week in direct sun-light to dry.
I have to be really careful not to damage my work.
Test-fitting the doors just to see how they look. 
All Happy!

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