Friday, December 23, 2011

Weathered tank wagons from Modellours Workshop.

by Michael Rieß

Modellours Workshop sent me two Märklin railway tank wagons in 1/87 scale. I had the free decision what to do with these.
I decided to add a heavy weathering to the first wagon, with lots of rust and dirt. It was a big challange because i never weathered an object like this. Some research was needed in order to find out which types of weathering are common for railway cars.
I used pigments from Vallejo and MIG aswell as various chipping techniques, like dipping a sponge into acrylic paint or drybrushing.

I thought that weathering the second wagon in the same way would be a little bit boring, so i applied some "nose art" and other colourful decals to give that wagon a unique look.
It was a very funny work :-)

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