Friday, July 6, 2012

HM Cutter Alert - Diorama of the Day

"Alert" 1/48 scale scratch build diorama by Kazunobu Shirai.

All men on deck! The HM Cutter is in a very dangerous position in the hard storm and the crew needs to be alert.

I love when model builders are creating a story line in their pieces and this amazing diorama from Kazunobu Shirai is a perfect example of this. Not only is it a stunning model but Kazunobu truly shows he understand the sea and I have received information from a good friend and a professional seaman, that the sea and the ships positioning is very realistic depicted.

The model itself is not less impressive. The HM Cutter is a 1/48 scale model and is completely scratch build and hand crafted. The rigging looks great and the whole model just looks so damn good. Most the figures are converted from Tamiya German soldiers but it really don't show. I will be stopping by his website in the future to see what goes on in Kazunobu Shirai's workshop. If you want to see more of these beautiful ship models, please follow this link...


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