Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rest Models 1/32 Macedonian Phalangite

by Hamikar Barkas

This is a resin figure from Rest Models(Ukraine). It is the best resin figure in 1/32 scale i have ever seen! Great details, good quality and beneficial. I just had to add the middle part of the pike myself. Rest Models has a lot of other interesting figures in its program, i will try to get another figure in the next time.

The Macedonian Phalangites (pezhetairoi or foot companions) formed the main heavy infantry force of the Macedonian Army. These soldiers were equipped with a very long pike (sarissa), a short sword and a rimless shield hanging from the shoulder to fight in the distinctive Macedonian variant of the greek phalanx. The sarissa bearing phalanx would usually march to battle in open formation to facilitate movement. Before the charge, it would tighten its files to close formation or even compact formation (synaspsimos). The tight formation of the phalanx created a "wall of pikes", and the pike was so long that there were fully five rows of them projecting in front of the front rank of men—even if an enemy got past the first row, there were still four more to stop him. The back rows bore their pikes angled upwards in readiness, which served the additional purpose of deflecting incoming arrows. The Macedonian phalanx was considered invulnerable from the front, except against another such phalanx; the only way it was ever generally defeated was by breaking its formation or outflanking it.

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