Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Flames of War(FoW) on the spring premier

by Kasper Fischer


due to technical problems everything has been delayed...

I have been a hard week and much struggling to get this show on the road but it's coming and it really should be much easier next time. I was up, editing for almost 48 hours straight to get the program finished but yesterday night, I had to throw the towel in and get some sleep.
This means the show is delayed...

I have decided to get an FoW(flames of war) army and will be doing a display diorama in 1:100 in this season. One of my good friends form YouTube makes game pieces and I ordered a few things to make an interesting set-up. The scene will be from the early years and feature British troops. That much is sure. I'm thinking defensive positions at Dunkirk or something like that  but the rest is still just ideas.



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