Sunday, June 12, 2011

Italeri AH-64D Longbow Apache

by Kasper Fischer

By some strange mistake I have never posted the pictures of the finished Apache on the blog.

Error corrected.

The Italeri kit was a really fun model and came together just nicely. No big issues. The only think I had some problems with was fitting the Longbow side-skirts. I had to paint the wings and ans the side-skirts before gluing them into place and doing so afterwards was a bit of a hassle. I destroyed the paint-job a few places and damaged some parts but nothing major.

The last few olive drab models I have made was painted with Tamiya paint but I'm not really satisfied with that line of paints and am switching to Vallejo. This was the first model I've painted using only Vallejo. It's different than Tamiya and I have to get use to that but I really like working with it.

I used Winsor & Newton black oil paint thinned with odorless petroleum for the wash afterwards. 

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