Tuesday, July 26, 2011

China PLA Type 59-B MBT

By Francis Lee

Model: (1/35 Scale)
Trumpeter China PLA Type 59-B Main Battle Tank.
Trumpeter Figures.

Early product of Trumpeter, the model has many common parts share with T-55. In fact, the Type 59 tank is a copy of T-54 tank. This Type 59-B version has an up graded 105mm gun.

The first Type59 tank was produce in 1958 with serial production begun in 1963. With approximately 5,500 serving with the Chinese armed forces. The tank is the work horse & backbone of the army until early 2000s with an estimated 5,000 of the later Type 59-I and Type 59-II variants in service in 2002. Nowadays these tanks are mainly for training use.
Type 59 was modified several times with the replacement of the 100 mm Type 59-B rifled gun with a 105 mm rifled gun. It was also the basis of several later Chinese tank designs including Type 69 & 79 tanks with bigger guns. These tanks export to many countries as well.

Video of this model:

Video of real Type-59B tanks at trainning:

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