Thursday, July 7, 2011

M3 Lee in Kursk 1943

By Francis Lee

Tamiya M3 Lee Medium Tank
Tamiya figures

Diorama background:
Over 1,300 M3 Lee were supplied to the USSR via lend-lease in 1942-1943. All were the Lee variants, although they are sometimes referred to generically as Grants. The M3 was unpopular in the Red Army, where its faults were shown up in engagements with enemy armor and anti-tank weapons, with the Soviets bestowing it the nickname of "coffin for seven brothers." Never the less, M3 Lee tanks joint the Battle of Kursk but few were seen in combat after about mid-1943.

Here is a M3 Lee of the red army survived after the Battle of Kursk, the gunner is still very exciting, he is telling his comrades how to knock down a German tank.

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