Monday, October 17, 2011

Jagdtiger (Late Production)

by Michael Rieß

I used the old #9036 Jagdtiger (Late Production) kit from Dragon. Although it is not a kit of Dragon´s newest generation it has superb details and quality. The kit features some photo etched parts and the small transport tracks (German: Transportketten) for the tank. They were used for transporting the tank on railways, because the normal tracks were too wide. It was a very hard job for the crew to change the tracks, so some Jagdtiger tanks went into battle with the transport tracks.

Sometimes the factories had not enough paint or not the time to paint the vehicles, because they were needed on the front, so many german late war tanks were sent to their units just painted with the anti rust colour. The crews added the camo schemes on their own, depending on the availability of colours. Therefore i painted the model with "rust brown" over all and added a "sand brown" camo scheme afterwards to simulate these circumstances.

I used the pigments from Vallejo without any kind of fixer this time, because we had an interesting discussion on this blog about it some time ago. I´m very satisfied with this technique and will use it again for sure!

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