Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Panzer Lehr Division for Flames of War

by Kasper Fischer

My first infantry platoon. All painted and ready for battle. I made the bases so they look like the unit is on the march, down a small road in Normandie. This will serve to recognize units on a large battlefield and being able to tell them apart.

I finally got some decent pictures of my first platoon for my Flames of War army. It's really difficult to take good pictures of these small 15mm models. Due to the models available, I have decided to build a German panzer company. I was looking through the official FoW books to find a good list. I don't want to play any SS units but I still wanted a strong army list, with the best equipment and stumbled over the Panzer Lehr Division.  These guys where the cream-of-the-crop in the German Wehrmacht. Lehr means 'learning' and they were the ones to train the rest of the German army at the panzer school. Late in the war, they were returned to active duty and fought in the Battle of Normandie. The Division was almost destroyed in the allied bombing of the Falaise pocket. They never returned to the school and kept fighting through-out the rest of the war.

All the models are from Plastic Soldier Company and are in 1/100 scale.

Command MG team.

1st. MG squad.

2nd. MG squad.

3rd. MG squad.

I also took some new pictures of my first panzer platoon. I know I already have posted pictures of them but I'm prefer these instead so I thought I'd post them anyway. Hope you guys enjoy.

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