Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Battle of Mylae" 260 B.C. in 1/72 scale

by Michael Rieß

I have depicted a fight between a Carthaginian and a Roman trireme at the Battle of Mylae in 260 BC, in this diorama. Roman soldiers are storming across their boarding bridge (lat. corvus, engl. raven) for a direct assault on the enemy ship. The Battle of Mylae took place in the First Punic War, it ended with a Roman victory.

I used two Trireme kits and several packages of figures from Zvezda for this big project.

The first video is about the construction of the ships and the planning of the diorama. I show you all the different kits and figures I used in the build. I also share some of my knowledge of the ships and their use, in a historic context.

In the second video I give you a close up of the figures.

The third video is about the construction of the diorama. I don't have a lot of experience with water effects and I'm not completely satisfied with the result but I learn by trying and this was a fun project. 

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