Thursday, June 7, 2012

1/144 scale Mitsubishi Betty G4M1 Bomber

By Francis Lee

This is a 1/144 scale tiny Betty bomber I brought in around 1988 that cost only US$ 1 dollar of that time.
I am glad that recently I foind it out along with other 4 Japanese bombers in same scale from my parents home.

The model was originally produced by a Japanese brand call Imai but after the company closed down in around 1987, the moulding & tooling of this model kit was sold to Hasegawa, so Hasegawa repacked it and sold it in the market..

After research, I got so many photos of many crashed Betty bomber in the jungle/ under sea of Pacific. Probably the best-known incident involving a G4M during the war was the attack resulting in the death of Isoroku Yamamoto. The G4M with tail number T1-323 - which was carrying the Imperial Japanese Navy Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto - was attacked and shot down by Lockheed P-38 Lightnings from 339th Fighter Squadron of the 347th Fighter Group, Thirteenth Air Force, USAAF on 18 April 1943. . So I decided to build 2 sets of dioramas with a crashed Betty of one of them by the same box of Betty Bomber.

First of all I halfly built the plane without attached one wing and the wheels and set it up as a crashed in a jungle. After I took photos for it I clean the plane up, fix the wing, wheels and other bits & pieces onto the
Betty and repaint it coz the crashed plane had too heavy weathering so I repaint it with IJN green again and applied the remain set of decals which came with the kit.

Finally, I made 2 sets of diorama photos by one tiny Betty Bomber kit

VIDEO of these 2 diorama

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