Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Scout Platoon for Panzer Lehr.

by Kasper Fischer

 I finally finished my next platoon for my FoW army. This is a scout unit for my panzer company. The unit serves to reveal hidden enemy units for my armour and help them get on target. It's a small cheap unit at 150 points. They are all MG teams so they have a rate of fire at 3 each, making them hard to assault. if they get to close to the enemy. They also have a BMW motorcycle w/ side-car each, making them highly mobile.

I base-coated these guys in black and looks really different from the last infantry unit I made. I'm not sure which I like the most and I'm still experimenting. I really want to find my own style and not just copy what others are doing.

Here is my full Panzer Lehr army list as I play it now. It comes in at 1500 points but I also have the option to upgrade it to 1750 points, which is the two most played fights at my club. Here's the list:

HQ 2x Pz IV + Rec                   195 points
1. 5x PzIV                              475
2. 3x PzV                               560
3. 3x Flakpanzer (38)               120
4. 3x Scouts                          150
Total                                    1500 points

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