Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Horten Ho-229

By Dusan Lekic

Ho-229 V3 was found by American troops at Gotha's Friedrichsrode factory on April 14, 1945.

Initially it was conceieved as a private venture it was to recive revolutionary turbojet as its power-plant... and it was order into production as a front line fighter for declining Luftwaffe...

The only surviving Horten 229 is the V3, which is held in storage in the Smithsonian's Paul. E. Garber facility.

The model is 1/72 scale Revell kit Horten Ho-229 (designed to have two 30mm-MK-108 cannons as A-1 version). Model is painted with authentic German colors(Gunze Sangyo).

Just click on the screen below to view the video.

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