Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dragon T-34/76 "Krasnoe Sormovo"

by Hamilkar Barkas

The kit is from Dragon (#6479) and belongs to the Smart Kit series, although it looks more like it is an old kit with some additional parts, so the term Smart Kit is not right in this case. Anyway, the quality of the kit is superb and the kit itself is quite beneficial. I had no problems to assemble the model, just a tiny amount of filler was needed on the gun mantlet.

The base-colour of the tank is a mixture of Revell Aqua Color 39 and 65. To depict a used paintwork on the tank i applied MIG dark wash and several sessions of drybrushing with a light base-colour. Some subtle chipping rounded off the work. The mud was done with a mixture of earth, white glue and MIG pigments.

I hope you like the finished model :)

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