Sunday, March 20, 2011

T-55 Problems between the scale (1:72 vs 1:35)

by Japato

I built weeks ago an T-55 wit BTU 55 by Trumpeter (1:72 scale).

The Model kit is usual excellent to the chains, which component is rubber or vinyl.

My Problem :

I can't build with such a chain a realistic model =/.

The ideal:
The ideal of this T-55 was a iranian T-55 model.

The model:
I worked with mig and vallejo pigments. Also with vallejo colours.
it's a shame to see my model with this chains =/ It's the reason I only build models in scale 1:35

The Arrangement:

Thats my T-55 with BTU 55 (Trumpeter 1:35):

I built the model a year ago.

The Kit:
It's an old model kit of Trumpeter. Old but blameless =)

you can compare the kit with these:

the ideal:

The T-55 arise from the NVA of the German Democratic Repubilc. The T-55 was used in the "Panzerregiment 15" of my hometown Cottbus. (Near Cottbus was an giant drill ground.)

the Model:

it isn't a perfect model but an substantial progress for me

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