Saturday, May 28, 2011

Roman Trireme diorama 1/72 scale

by Michael Rieß

The Roman Trireme kit is from Zvezda ( Trireme of the Roman Emperor #9019). It is quite hard to get one of these kits these days because it is out of production. I bought my kit on ebay for about 40€. The figures are from Orion Haron and Cäsar Miniatures.
The quality of the kit is nice and the details, especially the engravings of the wood structure are excellent. The only weakness are the decals, they don´t dissolute properly and disintegrate very easy.
The kit offers a full hull and a waterline option. I built a similar trireme some years ago in the full hull option, so i decided to build a waterline model this time.

I had some trouble to create the water on the diorama. I used transparent Window Color paste and later on "Water effects" from Busch and Noch. At least it looks like water, but it is hard to create waves, because the paste is very thin fluid. I´m happy with the finished diorama anyway.

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