Saturday, June 25, 2011

Heavily weathered JS-2 Stalin tank

by Michael Rieß

The kit is from Cyberhobby and includes the old JS-1/2 kit from Dragon, Magic tracks and four figures.
I made this model only to test some weathering techniques i saw in the last time on youtube. Therefore the tank looks very derelict and dirty. I think the whole weathering is a bit overdone, especially the rust effects. This model helped me a lot to learn some new techniques.

The worn out winter camouflage is made with my Humbrol Maskol chipping technique and white oil paint from 502 Abteilung. I applied the Maskol on the green basecoat of the tank, white acrylic paint followed, applied by airbrush. After removing the maskol i applied the white oil paint with a brush and a sponge on the model to accentuate the disparity of completely worn out and remaining winter camo.

The rust effects on the exhausts are made with Vallejo rust pigments, the rust marks on the rest of the tank are made with "Standart Rust Effect" from MIG, applied with a very fine brush.

I made the spilled oil and fuel effects on the addition fuel tanks with black oil paint.

I used black acrylic paint and my airbrush to create the smoke effects on the main gun and the exhausts.

The mud is a mixture of earth from my garden, water and white glue applied with a thick brush.

I would love it to hear your opinion about the weathering effects.

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