Saturday, August 20, 2011

RAF P-40E Kittyhawk in North Africa

By Francis Lee

Model: (1/48 scale)
Arii / Otaki P-40E Kittyhawk

This is the same piece of model of my previous diorama of Aussie P-40E Kittyhawk. I removed the Aussie decals and then repainted the whole plane. I still have a set of US decals of this plane and I may repaint the same plane in the future.

The RAF Kittyhawks in North Africa were so famous, personally I like the
RAF desert camo. a lot. During my research of the P-40. I found footage and photos of the "Flying Tiger" in China which those crews were using
big tripod stand to pull up the P-40 engine from the plane to repair. I guess this may be a common situation in the war time so I apply that in this diorama.

Video of this diorama:

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