Sunday, June 17, 2012

Painting small scale vehicles.

by Kasper Fischer

"The Fallen King" in 1/72 scale by Svend-Åke Grufstedt.

If you are as impressed with the amazing work by Svend-Åke Grufstedt as I am and would like to improve your painting skills, you really should go ahead and download his new booklet. 

It is a rather short, but very precise guide to painting small armour.

Svend-Åke takes you through all the steps he uses to get his tanks looking like they do. He writes about forced-contrast, the hairspray technique, salt, pigments and oil-paint. 

The booklet is a free download and can be found through this link.

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Jamie Tranter said...

The link leads to a deleted file apparently? :)

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