Monday, June 18, 2012

How to add magnets to Plastic Soldier tanks.

by Kasper Fischer

All you need is a circular  file, some super-glue and your magnets.

When you play a game like Flames of War, magnetized turrets is a great feature. It insures they don't come of when you are transporting your units to and from battle but it also protects your tanks when you are actually playing the game. The turrets can easily fall of and hit the floor when you set up your troops.

The new plastic models from BattleFront have incorporated this into the design and included magnets in the kit. All you need is to glue them in place. This is a really good idea which I only can support but if you are like me, and build PSC tanks, it doesn't really help you.

Luckily the PSC tanks are just as easy to magnetize but you have to do it before you build the model. We have created a short video tutorial to show you just how easy it really is.

Enjoy follows!

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