Sunday, October 23, 2011

IDF workhorses M113 Fitter & M3 Half-track

by Francis Lee

1/35 Scale of Tamiya figures, M3 half-track, M113 body and Verlinden resin product of M113 Fitter.

This diorama took place in 1982 Lebanon War, the "Operation Peace for Galilee." An IDF M113 Fitter found a broke down M3 half-track in the Lebanese frontier, this Combat Repair Vehicle acts as a transport for replacement parts and as a workstation for light repair. Fitter is the backbone of any IDF assault & tank unit. The IDF is still using the M3 half-track nowadays, among the many variants of the M3, they are still very active old workhorses! (Surprise!)

It is always fun to build IDF gears and see all those variants of their tanks, trucks. The troops love to DIY and change parts and make the machines fit their war. I built up this Fitter by using resin parts of Verlinden Product and a body of Tamiya M113. During research, I am so surprise that IDF is still using the old US M3 half-track. (at youtube videos) So I have the idea to build a diorama for these two old buddies of M113 Fitter & M3 half-track

Video of this diorama

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