Monday, November 3, 2014

Great tutorial for figure painting

I have been thinking of getting more into painting large scale figures over the last couple of months. It looks very appealing to me. A very creative process with a lot more freedom than the usual military kits. Aircraft looks great and they are fun to build but you have something specific, you are working towards and most of the time it's a picture or a drawing of an actual aircraft. Hence you are working to make a rendition of the real aircraft. Most of the figures are a product of imagination and they don't exist in real life so you have no reference for your painting.

Because of this I have been looking at a lot of tutorials on figure painting. Rusty Nails of Grex Airbrushes made this excellent tutorial you can use as a step by step guide to how you achieve Translucent skin effects. Great video. Enjoy fellows.

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