Sunday, October 16, 2011

IPMS Denmark Nationals 2011

by Kasper Fischer

Well I have just returned from the national IPMS championship after a long day looking at models. I am stunned by some of the beautiful work I saw and I will, of cause, share some of it with you guys. I have not yet had the time to look all the footage and pictures through so this will just be my first impressions.

I hope my computer feels like playing along with me so I can get the footage edited because I really to get a few videos up on YouTube but lets see what happens. I will over the next week be showing pictures here on the blog so you can see the models no matter what.

The crashed SAS airliner diorama was especially impressive and was judged 'Best in Show' and I can only agree with the judges. The shear number of details and the skills gone into this, which was entered in the 'documentation' category, is mind-blowing and I really hope he(nameless so far) will enter this diorama internationally too.

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