Monday, October 10, 2011

USAF F-16A Trainer

By Francis Lee

USAF F-16A Trainer of Kitech Scale Model (1/72 scale)

The World Economy is bad, my friend worked in a tradfng company that a whole department was dismissed and he found an out dated product sample of this Kitech F-16A in an empty office room. Thanks to my friend saved this kit for me or it is a pity to throw it into bin.

I was told that Kitech is crap which this kit may be a copy of Italeri product
however Kitech is unknown to me and I never compare it with other big brands, so I had a happy 5 days to build up this F-16A and it is not that bad quality really, the fitting is nice without big gap. However it provide no information of it's 2 kinds of decals. Perhaps they are both for USAF F-16A trainers.

Over all, Kitech isn't that bad!

Video of this model

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