Monday, October 10, 2011

Tribute to Otaki Scale Model Japan.(From 1960-80.s)

By Francis Lee

Otaki Scale Model
Founded by Mr. Masaru Otaki in 1960. (Same year with Tamiya) Otaki Scale Model had a short history of two decades until mid-1980s due to financial problems. (According to data of some Japanese forums.)

The company products are popular around collectors, I can see the most popular is the 1/48 WWII war planes series which were the company best selling product in the 1970s. However during research I found those 1960s motorized steam locomotives, fast cars and aircrafts are more well known around Japanese collectors.

Just before Otaki closed down, the company sold the tooling of aircrafts models of 1/48, 1/144 scales to other companies and they are still possible to buy nowadays under other brands such as Arii and Doyusha. No further data I can found to those 1960s products especally the series of Japan classical steam locomotives are very rare kits to get at internet.

I do have some 1/48 aircrafts kits under Arii and Otaki logos, friends told me to build up those Arii kits and keep those Otaki kits as collector items.

P.S. The japanese word "OTAKI" means big waterfall!

Video of Otaki Scale Model Japan.

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