Sunday, October 2, 2011

The 2nd. International ''AK'' WEATHERING CONTEST

by Kasper Fischer

Submarine by Uschi van der Rosten

A lot of people don't like Facebook and are not members but AK Interactive wants everybody to join in so you do not need to have an account. It's free and the winner gets a book published and some other products but you can read about that in the official rules below:

Rules of the competition: 

1)   Anyone can participate, of any age and from any country, who is a fan of AK Interactive on Facebook.

2)  Each participant can present up to three different models. For each of the models you can send in a maximum of three photographs. Just send the photo’s to the following e-mail adress: 

making sure to indicate on the e-mail that it is for the AK Interactive Facebook Contest.

3)   AK Interactive staff will then select one photo of each model. This photo will then be entered into the competition gallery on Facebook.

4)   Each photo will be tagged, with at least, the name of the modeller. In this way visitors to the competition page will know a little more about the person behind the model.

5)   The last day for entering photos into the competition is October 20th 2011. In the case that 200 models have been entered before this date, the competition will close at that moment. Only 200 models can enter and compete.

6)   The competition ends on November 1, 2011 the winners of the competition will be decided on which photo has received the most “Likes” up to this date. So, the earlier you send in your photo’s the better chance you have of receiving more “Likes”

7)   Any friend or fan of AK Interactive has the right to vote in the competition and may vote on as many photos as they wish.

8)   In the case of a draw, the final vote will go to AK Interactive to decide the winner.

 9) The models that were sent in and could not  participate in the first competition will be the first to form part of the new album.


There are three prizes to be given away for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed models.

1st prize:   One bottle of AK Interactive’s aging wine with denomination of origin, the new bookF.A.Q 2 by Mig Jiménez (available from December 2011) and a selection of the latest products from AK Interactive.

2nd prize:   One bottle of AK Interactive’s aging wine, the book RATZ, RODS AND RUST:  Building Models Cranky's Way by Virgil Suarez and a basic selection from the latest products from AK Interactive.

3rd prize:   One bottle of AK Interactive’s  aging wine and an AK Interactive t-shirt.

  In this second edition, as a new feature, AK - Interactive will be publishing a new book with a selection of the best models that are entered into the competition. This is why it is very important that the photographs are of a good quality and resolution.


1)   The quality of the photo is very important because only one photo of each model will be entered into the competition album. Each modeller must send the photographs in RGB and or JPEG format. They should have a 300pp resolution and be a minimum 10 x 7 cm in scale. 

2)   The theme of the competition is exclusively based  on weathering: Any unpainted models, models painted in one flat colour or any model that has no type of weathering treatment will be excluded from the competition.

3)   Any style of model may be entered: Vehicles, Ships, airplanes, fantasy etc. and in any scale.

4)   Any model that does not comply with these rules will be excluded from the competition. Any false Facebook accounts will also be excluded as will any votes made from false accounts.

5)   The organisers of the competition reserve the right to change the rules of the competition at any time if they feel it is necessary.

6) By participating in the contest, you accept and will abide by the rules. And in this way to the possible publication of your models in the book by AK Interactive.

Survivor's mini by Nicolas Rouanet

That's it for now but I'd like to add you do not have to use any AK products to enter the contest. I will properly report back when the winner is revealed. I think there's about 50 entries so far and a lot of eye-candy so if you want see all the models, follow this link.

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