Sunday, October 30, 2011

C4 Open - Small scale vehicles

by Kasper Fischer

This is some of the best small scale vehicles from the C4 Open. It's is actually 3 different categories but I not sure which is which. The first class is kinda easy to spot because it all in 1/48 scale. I especially like the first one because it's not often you see this type of paint-job. It's is from  the Prague uprising in 1945. I have never see this scheme before but I'd really enjoy it. It might be a bit too clean but that's OK as long as it looks good.

The rest is 1/72 scale or smaller. This is two categories but I can't really distinguish between them. It's about skill level or detail level but I'm not sure. No matter what I was completely stunned by the level of details on some of the pieces. Especially some of the dioramas caught my attention. Amazing work...

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