Monday, July 30, 2012

Plastic Soldier Company review

by Kasper Fischer

I do not have a lot of money for my hobbies and the official figures and miniatures for Flames of War are very expensive so I spend a lot of time searching the market to find cheap alternative on the internet. If Plastic Soldier and Zvezda hadn't released their range of cheap plastic vehicles and soldiers, I properly wouldn't have gotten into the game at all. I have a lot of different model hobbies and I really didn't need another expense but looking at gameplay videos on YouTube, I just knew it was my kind of game. I am now about 8 months deep and I'm slowly learning my way around the game.

Another aspect that wasn't really to my liking was/is the proportions of the figures and the details of the vehicles and tanks. I don't like how all the details has been exaggerated. Sometimes the figures heads are as big as their torsos. It don't really matter for the game but as a model builder, it's very hard to accept. Luckily the releases from PSC, Zvezda and WGF doesn't suffer from the same issues.

Most the alternative companies has focused on the late war German side so I have decided to start here as well. I really want to play a mechanized list but it wasn't possible with the miniatures available. The infantry set from PSC can form the basic, even though they are in regular Wehrmacht uniforms and the PSC halftracks can support it but there were no weapons options. Everybody that has seen the German army lists know how impossible it is to make a infantry list, without Panzer Schreck's and Faust's, heavy machine-guns and mortars.

These new releases from PSC really closes this gap and finally provides most the units needed for a mechanized army and I am getting started on building my army. So far I have been playing a straight Panzer list and I'm really looking forward to some variation.

Compared with all the resin and metal models I have seen through time, I really like the plastic kits and I will choose plastic every time the choice presents itself. No doubt. It's a cheap, light and durable product. It's also very easy to manipulate and I'm use to working with it so I'm sticking with plastic.

The first video is a close look at the new conversion kit for the German Sd.Kfz. 251 halftrack. I really like the idea behind this kit and I think it's a really good idea to make it as a conversion, instead of making a new kit for every variation of the vehicle. The detailing and the manual is a problem though but you can see that in my review.

The second video is a look at the heavy weapon set. I made this video some time ago but I haven't presented on the website before now. I really hadn't anything to ad so I thought I'd leave it on YouTube but since I also have made the other review, I thought I would post them together.

I think the infantry from PSC are the best on the market and I highly recommend both the Russians and the Germans. I really like the sculpts and I especially appreciates the "true" proportions of the figures. I have tested in game and they are very hard to break. I have dropped them several times and I don't have any issues at all. I would have liked if they had Panzer Grenadier uniforms but I can live with that.

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