Friday, July 11, 2014

Airfix 1/24 Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB

Airfix has just released a new kit of the Hawker Typhoon. This one is a bit different though because it is in 24th scale and for this reason the kit is super detailed. Almost eveything you can think of, in the real airplane, is represented in the model. Internal gas tanks, machinegun mounting and one amazing looking engine.

The kit has been created with advanced CAD design which is used on all their new models. The kit has over 500 parts, and once assembled boasts an impressive wingspan of over 500mm. The kit looks like a giant project and I'm not sure I have the stamina to complete a model like this. How ever, I cannot hide my positive feeling for this kit. Maybe some day when I have more time on my hands?

The Hawker Typhoon (Tiffy in RAF slang), was a British single-seat fighter-bomber, produced by Hawker Aircraft. It was intended to be a medium–high altitude interceptor, as a replacement for the Hawker Hurricane but several design problems were encountered and it never completely satisfied this requirement.
The Typhoon was designed to mount 12 machine guns and be powered by the latest 2000 hp engines. Its service introduction in mid-1941 was plagued with problems and for several months the aircraft faced a doubtful future. When the Luftwaffe brought the formidable Focke-Wulf Fw 190 into service in 1941, the Typhoon was the only RAF fighter capable of catching it at low altitudes; as a result it secured a new role as a low-altitude interceptor.

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