Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Operation Barbarossa diorama 1/35 scale

by Hamilkar Barkas

I had the idea for this diorama several months ago, but it took me quite a while to dispel some problems.
The base is a wooden chopping board. I designed the ground with modelling clay "Fimo air", which is beneficial and easy to use. The grass on the diorama is from Heki, the tree is from Verlinden and the other green stuff is selfmade. I painted the diorama with an airbrush afterwards. The Panzer III F is a Smart Kit from Dragon, the Ba-3 armored truck is from Zvezda. The figures are from Dragon aswell. All small details like the telegraph pole, the little cart and the fence are from Mirage Hobby. I used quite a lot of MIG and Vallejo Pigments for weathering, especially around the wreck to simulate scorch marks.

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