Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Current projects

by Michael Rieß

Here is a view on my workbench with all current projects.

Arado Ar196 A-3 (1/32 Revell):

This kit was released not long time ago and i´m very surprised by it´s amazing detail and quality. The light grey plastic parts are very large but they have an excellent fitting accuracy!
The engine is a model on its own and the cockpit is reproduced in a very realistic way. Definately one of the best kits i have ever seen ( and i have seen many of them!). The kit costs about 25€ so i can highly recommend it.
I hope to finish the model next week.

Panzer I B "German Afrika Korps (1/35 Dragon):

Another excellent kit with photo etched parts, clear parts and good quality. The only thing i can criticise is the absence of Dragon´s famous "Magic Tracks". I´m not in the mood of cutting every single tracklink from the sprue, so i put this one more or less to a hold. The kit costs about 25-30€.

Battleship Bismarck (1/350 Tamiya):

It´s a pretty cool and simple kit. You don´t have to assemble thousands of parts. I put this project more or less on a hold, because i´m thinking of adding some details on my own, like raillings and gun coverings. The kit itself is good, but not up to date anymore (it was released in 1978 i think). Revell´s 1/350 scale Bismarck is definately better.

Avro Lancaster MkI/III (1/48 Tamiya):

Again a quite old, but still good kit in my opinion. The assembly is easy, but you will need some filler for sure. I will show this model in flight position, so can build a diorama like i did for the Hind helicopter. This project is on a hold for some months now, because i have no place to display the finished model and upcoming diorama.

Messerschmitt Bf110 C-7 (1/32 Dragon):

I recently bought this kit for 90€ and i´m really looking forward to get it st arted, maybe after the Arado.

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