Friday, July 1, 2011

T.A.C.C. - Diorama of the Day

by Paul Keefe

Kasper asked me if I wanted to share some of my work on Modellours Workshop. I have been digging in the crates and found a few dioramas for you guys. The first will be T.A.C.C. Trooper. It's a 75mm sci fi original sculpture that I made twenty two years ago. No molds were ever made of it, there are no copies. It was one of my first sculptures and remains one of my favorites. T.A.C.C. stands for Titan Amphibious Calvary Corps. As the name suggests the scene takes place on Titan, in one of it's ammonia seas. My design for 'Puff the bio-mechanical dragon' was obviously inspired by the works of H.R. Giger. The rider (Jackie?) is female, mostly because I love sculpting females. I find the anatomical research to be most enjoyable. There will be three photos of this. Note- Puff and Jacky were characters in the Peter, Paul and Mary song ''Puff the Magic Dragon". It's from the 1960's so many people today may never had heard it, so my references to it may be meaningless, or at the very least obscure.

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